2-3 Year Olds

Childcare: 2-3 Year Olds

In the playrooms for children aged 2-3 years we offer a huge variety of activities. Children are encouraged to play and talk about their experiences, express themselves fluently and build strong relationships with their peer group and carers.
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"Children are happy, settled and safe in this welcoming and stimulating nursery."
Mickleover Ofsted Report 2020

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Bedford Street Nursery

Derby Nursery

55/76/78 Bedford Street,
Derby, DE22 3PD
Manager: Laura Medgyesy
Mickleover Nursery

Mickleover Nursery

Huffen Heath, Uttoxeter Road,
Mickleover, Derby DE3 9AX
Manager: Jodie Morley
Bedford Street Nursery

Heanor Nursery

14 Mansfield Road,
Heanor, Derby DE75 7AJ
Manager: Bridget Pilgrim