Nestled in the heart of Mickleover, our nursery isn't just a place for early education; it's a warm and loving environment where your child will embark on a journey of discovery, laughter, and endless possibilities.
With a team of dedicated and caring professionals, we promise more than just a safe haven for your child; we offer a second home where their laughter will echo, their curiosity will flourish, and their dreams will take flight! Every hug, every smile, and every small step forward is celebrated with the same love and excitement you feel for your little one. We don't just care for children; we embrace them and you as parents as part of our extended family.

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For more information about our Mickleover Nursery, please feel free to Email Our Team.

Full Day*

7.30am - 6.00pm

Short Day

8.30am - 3.00pm


8.30am - 1.00pm


1.00pm - 5.30pm

Additional / Part Hour(s)

*Children wanting breakfast will need to be in nursery prior to 7:45am ** Includes Tea
Babies & Toddlers (0-2 Yrs)
Main Nursery (2-3 Yrs)
Pre-School (3-5 Yrs)
Spaces Available in our Derby Nursery, 2 Miles / 8 Mins away

Our Ethos

The ultimate value of The Cottage is to cultivate an environment that replicates the warmth and hospitality of a home.

Nursery Nurse

We aim to instil a sense of security and trust for parents regarding the exceptional level of care and learning opportunities provided to their children, allowing them to reach their fullest potential. Our aim is to help children become active learners, developing a healthy approach to building the foundations that will benefit them in later education and life.

Exceptional Childcare

We are a team of passionate and committed staff that aim to provide exceptional childcare whilst ensuring our environment is nurturing and feels like a home from home, allowing our children the best possible start in life.

Learning & Development

Our team are ambitious and enthusiastic about child development, planning carefully thought out activities that foster an engaging and innovative learning environment, whilst also cultivating strong partnerships with those involved in each child’s journey.

Diversity & Inclusion

At the heart of our ethos lies a deep appreciation for diversity. We understand that every child and family comes with a unique set of experiences and needs. Our commitment to creating a warm and nurturing environment ensures that each and every one of our little ones feels safe, valued, and loved. We strive to build strong and meaningful relationships with our families, treating them with the empathy and respect they deserve.


Understanding that children flourish best in environments catered to their individual needs, here at Bedford St we have three separate buildings dedicated to different age groups. This ensures that we provide age-appropriate activities and care.

Babies (0-2)

Our Baby Rooms are split across three themed rooms designed to inspire creativity, exploration and skill development. We have our Art Room, a Main Playroom and an Imaginative Room. We also benefit from the use of a Sensory Room. Each room helps children to learn and grow, from creative play and sensory explorations to imaginative role-playing and physical activity. Our Baby Room also has it’s own area of the playground to ensure our little ones can explore outdoors with confidence!
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Toddlers (2-3)

Our Toddler Rooms are split across three theme drooms that have been specifically tailored to the 2-3’s age group. We have an Art Room, a Main Playroom with imaginative play and small world and a Sensory Room. Toddlers also have access to the bigger playground, featuring a Builders Yard, a Block Play area and a mud kitchen!
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Preschool (3-5)

Our Preschool rooms are across the whole second storey of our Nursery. The two large rooms feature an Art Room with its very own Playdough station, a block play area, an imaginative room and an interactive whiteboard. Preschool also make use of the larger playground outside and take regular visits to our Forest School or our local Nursing Home for intergenerational Boogie Beats!
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Nursery Policies

Transparency and communication are at the forefront of our commitment to providing a safe and nurturing environment for your child. We believe in fostering a collaborative partnership with parents, and our policies reflect our dedication to maintaining high standards of care, education and security.

Safety & Security

Food & Nutrition

Sickness & Illness



Stay Connected

Parents have access to a development app Famly that keeps you informed throughout the day, has an instant messaging feature for those on the go, and provides regular observations and assessments, keeping you in the loop of every step of your child’s progress.

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Our Team

Our Mickleover nursery has a dedicated team overseen by our Childcare Manager Jodie, and Amy our Business Manager.


Childcare Manager


Business Manager
The team oversee our Room Leaders, Nursery Nurses and Apprentices who are committed to ongoing training to ensure they stay current with the latest sector developments. They prioritise the safety and well-being of those they care for, receiving compulsory high-level safeguarding training in areas such as safer sleep and first aid.
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Parent Reviews

Read reviews from some of our parents, past and present, posted on the national independent nursery review website daynurseries.co.uk
Rebecca A
Review Date:

A wonderful time at the cottage - my child has loved all the staff and making friends. The staff are always there to ask anything and help with anything. Always great at moving my child up to the different rooms when ready. My daughter always likes her meals and eats them well. She loves the outdoor space and has always loved the little events held eg. For Mother’s Day etc. Thank you for a lovely 3 years.

5 Star4 Star
Review Date:

The Manager and the team at The Cottage have been absolutely amazing. Our son is leaving a place where we always felt safe and loving for him. They are making an incredible impact in the world, raising caring children.

5 Star4 Star
Review Date:

My son has attended The Cottage Mickleover since 2018 at 9 months old and I honestly couldn’t have wished for a better nursery, so much so that my second son has also attended since 2021 at 8 months old. The staff are simply amazing, I’m so grateful to all, past and present who have cared for my boys. They really have the children’s and parents' best interests at heart and their hard work and passion shine through on a daily basis.

5 Star4 Star

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Our Mickleover Nursery is conveniently located on Uttoxeter Road, just up from the Derby Royal Hospital, with parking available on-site.
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