October 26, 2021

Celebrating 'World Space Week'

An Immersive Space Experience

Celebrating 'World Space Week'

The Preschool children at our Derby nursery have recently had a space themed week. We converted one of the rooms into an immersive space experience with planets, rockets, astronaut outfits, interactive whiteboard games, books and much more.

Space Room
Preschool Space Week

We learnt all about the phases of the moon, the planets, gravity and the role of an astronaut. We even learnt about the first black female astronaut, Mae Jemison, from a child who went home and researched it with his family. Our children were so inspired by the role of such astronauts that it led us on to crafting our own life size astronauts out of paper plates, folded paper arms and legs and putting photos of our faces inside their helmets.

We thoroughly enjoyed extending out scientific knowledge as well as having lots of fun too.

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